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The Number 1 Essential for Your Safari! You will have travelled 1000's of miles to get to Africa. It makes sense therefore to ensure that you get the best possible view of Africa's wildlife while on safari. Binoculars are the key to doing this. We offer Swarovski binoculars for those you never compromise on quality; Vortex as our mid-range to high-end offering; and Binocular Rental for those who do no wish to purchase a pair of binoculars, or who would prefer, as recommended, to take one pair per person on safari.

The new kid on the block in the world of optics, Vortex Optics, offer affordable, high performance optics with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. Yes you read correctly: unlimited lifetime warranty! This fact alone makes these binoculars a no-brainer when you select the best affordable optics to purchase for your safari or travels!

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Swarovski Optik are at the pinnacle of the optical world. They are the safari binoculars and will enhance the light to such an extent that you will see more through your Swarovski's than with the naked eye!

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We have included Bushnell in our offering as our entry level recommendation to you. Also includes the Bushnell Trophy Cam to allow you to record unseen wildlife at night using the rugged camera.

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The cost of purchasing one pair of binoculars per person can be prohibitive, and this is why renting high quality, well maintained binoculars from us makes such good sense.

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